Link building technique for SEO

Broken link building is one of the few white-hat link building techniques that could bring good result for SEO in SERP.

But the question is how you would get a good and non-broken link for your website?

Find and find

Find quality resource or links pages for your websites. Let’s say, we are promoting a website on Bonsai tree and have a content marketing campaign for Bonsai trees in a ecommerce site.


Be clever and smart on google search for link building

A clever search on Google – like [bonsai inurl:links] is the best way to find out links.

Start the search phrase with your keyword followed by inurl:links
keyword inurl:links  what does it mean anyway

It tells Google to return pages that are relevant to your keyword, and have the word ‘links’ in the URL.

So if you sold cosmetics, you’d do this search:
cosmetics inurl:links

search on google , you will find lots of broken links of pages resources and other links that’s are related to cosmetics.

But sometimes there should be a problem, the links on the page can be broken – a reader or consumer or customer clicks on one of the resources and gets a 404 page not found message. That’s a very bad for the customer. He would get angry! And would leave your page forever too.

when you find a broken link on a resource webpage, Your first step should be to find other domains that link to the same broken resource.

So when working on broken link building process follow the steps:

Step 1: search for multiple resource pages that are relevant to your site. Each of these will list multiple quality resources – a percentage of which will be broken. The more resource pages you will find, the more broken link opportunities you will uncover.

Step 2: Scrape all the links from these resource pages and check their status to find broken links. The majority of these broken links will point to valuable resources that have moved or no longer exist.

The importance of keywords in broken link building research

To find broken link building you’ve got to conduct multiple searches. For freelancer we can search like this.

For example:

  • [freelancer inurl:resources] or
  • [freelancer inurl:links] or
  • [freelancer inurl:websites] or
  • [freelancer inurl:”recommended resources” and so on.


And the same, lets for robotics :

  • [“robotics” inurl:resources] or
  • [“robotics” inurl:links] or
  • [“robotics” inurl:websites] or
  • [“robotics” inurl:”recommended resources” and so on.


All of these searches will produce relevant resources pages.

The choice of keywords in these searches is important.








I love to see movie especially korean movies are my favourite . I love to work on SEO and site analytics for website development

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