Siloing is a very powerful method to get ranked on Google.

siloing is  an advanced SEO technique that is a heavyweight amongst SEO techniques.

What  is a Silo?
A  Silo  is a vertical page linking design. You have your landing page, or your main page, at the top of the silo and underneath this page you have pages which support your main landing page theme.

Siloing is architectually structuring your website to get the Search Engines to recognize your site is about your targeted keywords. You want the Search Engines to consider you as the subject matter expert.

There are several ways to create silos:
1) Tagging
2) Categories
3) Directories
4) Related pages plugin
5) ONLY link to landing pages using your Target keyword.
6) Create a mini-sitemap on each page within your silo.

Many websites will find the need to increase the amount of their content by creating additional webpages.

Expected Outcomes:
1) Higher rankings
2) Increase in overall traffic
3) More unique visitors
4) More traffic from long tail keywords.


I love to see movie especially korean movies are my favourite . I love to work on SEO and site analytics for website development

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